Friday, November 23, 2012

How-to: 4 Tips to Look Like the Sultana of Swank in Your Comfy Turban

Ahhh, turbans... Hubs still isn’t quite used to them, but I freaking love them. 

They’re easy, comfortable, and totally dramatize a look instantly. You can add hat pins, scarf pins, or basically any kind of jewelry or ribbons you can skewer into or hot glue onto them. If you’re still easing into this part of the chemo fashion journey, I urge you... ease faster! Turbans are way too much fun to let pass you by.

Lovingly poached from The Chriselle Factor.
Check out her piece on turbans here.

I love the ornate ones

Most of all, I love the DIY ones, like these. And while this is a small scarf, I love to use really, really big ones to create massive volume and a veritable accessory landscape, so don’t feel limited by size here!

Here are a few tips to help you get all swanky with your turban:

#1: Get started with some less expensive pre-made base turbans. These cotton-spandex types are nice because they’re simple, fit well, and easy to dress up, but they are also more like hats than a traditional turban, which means you don’t get that nice up-peak in the front. These are more traditional, and might be a better place to start if you like that look.

I went with the first style, mainly because they are more flexible for me -- I wear them with scarves, wigs and under hats -- saving me money and space. I also bought some of the cotton velcro braids thinking those might be an easy way to dress up the turban like, but to me, they were a bit of a disappointment. I thought I’d look like Greta Garbo or one of these other cool chicks, but I really just looked like I had a weird velcro thing stuck around my turban. No disses, you might like them. But I liked it better when I just used my own accessories that I had around the house.

#2: Build a good foundation. All head coverings need to feel secure on your head, so you feel secure wearing them out in public. To me, a turban is the easiest of all coverings, because it fits snugly against the head and is either already secure (if you’ve bought a pre-made) or easy to secure (because the ties are simple to knot tightly). Turbans are serious head-turners, especially when worn well. So you have to rock your turban with confidence. And, confidence in a turban starts with having good volume. For volume, I start with a scarf liner (no, I don’t wear the bangs, I like a cleanswept turban look)  While not mandatory, especially if you’re going DIY with a large scarf, they still give a nice full shape to the crown of the head, which adds that regal touch!

#3: Think like a Sultana. No, not the raisin, the lady of the Sultanate! Turbans are great plain, but be not afraid to add baubles, pins and jewels. The volume of material in a turban means you can really dress them up and express your personal style. For me, I like to make my own DIY steampunk-vintage inspired hatpins, pull out old clip earrings and snap them on, and pin crazy flowers or hot glue dazzlers on to them. Why not? It’s a turban for gosh sake! You can also tie additional scarves and ribbons around them, tuck, and create all new looks. So fun!

#4: Have fun, and walk like a “lady”. Turbans are one of the most fun, and if done well, bordering on just the slightly ridiculous, headwear you can rock. So just take a deep breath and enjoy your look. And do keep your shoulders back. Seriously, because if you lean forward too much in a big-volume turban, or one with lots of encrusted jewels, you may very well lose your bobbles!

Get inspired by some more amazing turban looks looks:

How are you swankin' up your turbans?
I'd love it if you'd share with me. 
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