Thursday, November 22, 2012

A letter to myself

The day I received the news that, in my case, two lumps made triple negative breast can't-sir, I wrote myself this letter. 

Dear Laura,

One thing you need to understand right away is:

It’s not being sick that makes you special or unique. In fact, most of the world is experiencing dis-ease in some form or another.

What makes you special is not your illness or your wellness, your mind or your body, or any external pronouncement about what state of health they might be in at the moment. 

It’s your soul that makes you special.

You are uniquely you. You matter to this world. You came here to do your unique and special soul work.  Your body is here to help you to accomplish all the work you came here to do. No matter what someone else says about the condition of your body today, your body is always in perfect working order, supporting you, and doing exactly what it can to help you accomplish this work you so deeply want to do.

Second thing: 
Do not think that just because you got this diagnosis, you are dead. You aren’t. In fact, you are just now finally beginning to live. This is your wake up call. Your chance to realize that all those things you said you’d like to do “someday” are ready to emerge right now. "Someday" is available to you, every day. Do the things you know are important and meaningful. The things you know are uniquely yours to do. Don't wait any longer.

Third thing:
You need to realize that you are perfectly okay. You are good. In fact, you are really, really good. There may be a tumor in your body, but that tumor is simply there to offer you a chance to do some things differently. That’s all. You don’t have to suffer. Even with this diagnosis.

You can simply begin to shift, right away. Shift your focus, your energy, your worry and doubt to something that feels more like joy and love and fearlessness. You are always in control of what matters most in a particular moment. You always have the chance to stand in your power. Even when things around you feel out of control. Even when situations threaten to strip you of your power. Take a deep breath. Do only the thing that needs doing next. One step at a time, day by day, every day.

Final thing: 

Remember: I love you. Always.
So take it easy and breathe all this in. Let that breath out with a really loud laugh or a ki-yaaaah, whichever suits your fancy. Now, proceed to love on this ridiculous, amazing world and all her creatures.


What do you see for yourself as you consider your unique purpose in this world?

How are you showing up and loving on your beautiful soul?

What's one thing you need to tell yourself right now to further your own healing journey?

Leave a comment, share your voice.

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