Sunday, February 17, 2013

Reiki for Transforming Pain and a Practice for Being Love

As part of my journey as a Reiki practitioner, I do a daily self-healing practice, which I believe contributes enormously to my overall health and well-being. Every day my practice is a little different, and every day I learn something new about myself and the contribution I am here to make. These are just two of the things I just love about Reiki and tuning into a regular self-Reiki practice.

During this morning’s self-Reiki healing session, as I now do each morning, I focused on reinforcing my body experience as one of being in perfect health. Keep in mind that I believe an important piece of “perfect health” -- particularly when we're experiencing something that feels less than perfect -- is recognizing that we may not yet even understand what “perfect” even looks like. We might already actually be experiencing it, even if it doesn't feel like it! Just like so much of life’s journey, belief that such a state exists and is accessible to us is all that is really required. 

This morning, in addition to traditional hand placements and use of Reiki symbols as I felt called, I visualized Reiki energy rebalancing each of my chakras and deliberately creating an environment inside my body that transcends and transforms my understanding and experience of pain.

As you know from this blog, my journey of late has included some pretty intense joint pain thanks to Taxol chemotherapy, so I also focused on creating a specific visualization in which I imagined Reiki energy clearing away old, crusty energies inside each of my joints. As each joint cleared, I visualized it filling with a violet-blue cushion -- lovely little velvet pillows made of light that can live and provide relief inside my hips, under my kneecaps, inside my ankles, wrists, fingers and toes. I then imagined wrapping each one of my large joints in rainbow-light colored “tapes” that can be loosened or tightened at any time as my body needs different kinds of support as I move throughout my day. For me, this combination felt like a very practical activation of Reiki energy into the physical areas I have been experiencing pain, and it was immediately soothing. I experienced a real reduction in the amount of pain in my joints.

On the intuitive side of things, as I went through my practice, I also asked for guidance about what I could do for others in pain. I believe that any pain or illness I’m experiencing -- particularly when there is increased intensity to it -- is a signpost of the work I am here to do as a healer, and represents an opportunity to explore new ways to contribute to our shared healing as a planet. So I see that all of the work I am doing for myself on this can't-sir journey is really something I extend into the world as one contribution I can make to our overall growth and healing.

The intuitive guidance I received in response was: “Your only job is being more love into this world.” It's not the first time I've gotten this message. And I admit, it confounds me every time. I found myself asking, “being?” or “”bringing?” I was really longing to DO something physical and active about this! Like, give me a pick and shovel, baby, because I am READY to dig some holes and move some mountains! And, since I've been talking a little about this power of love thing lately here on the blog, I felt like perhaps I was being called to DO something more, something bigger. And somehow, for a moment at least, “bringing” seemed like the only way to get where I thought the universe wanted me to go. (Don't we always love to make it hard on ourselves?!) But, the word “being” would not shift, so I decided to go with it and drop my apparent hang-up around "bringing."

I asked what “being” might look like. And oh, lucky me, I got an answer with a kind of a doing component after all! The message that came through in my subconscious was clear: begin every interaction -- and particularly any I’m fearful of, worried about, doubtful about, feel may be difficult, or suspect may contain elements of conflict or aggression -- with the silent or spoken words, “I love you.” And, keep saying it silently as the interaction proceeds, no matter what may transpire. 

The hit I got tells me this goes for every interaction with others, and also with self. Dreaming a big dream? Start with, "I love you." Conceiving a new project? Start with, "I love you." Worried about how you're going to make enough money this year? Start with, "I love you." Scared to talk to someone? Start with, "I love you." Feeling guilty and upset for being angry with that lady at the bank? Start with, "I love you." And don't stop. Keep up with the love as each worry, doubt, fear or guilt comes rolling over you. 

I found this to be a really simple message, but a powerful one, and wanted to share it here. It was my strong impression that this approach will help my own healing, as well as that of those I interact with, and is needed more now than ever. 

What does it bring up for you? Have you received intuitive hits of your own that you’re exploring as you go about self- or other- healing practices you’re engaged in and want to share? Have you ever started an interaction from a place of love, and if so, have you noticed a difference in the energy or results?

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